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What are the prices for the different lessons offered?
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What are the policies of Atlantic Music Academy?

1. We need 24 hour notice for cancellations so that we can use your time to reschedule other students. All “no show” lessons must be paid for.

2. Students are expected to bring the necessary music and/or equipment to every lesson. (Voice students must bring their books as well)

3. Payment is expected on the day of the lesson by either cash or check payable to Atlantic Music Academy or the teacher’s name.If you pay by the month, you must pay in advance of the lessons.

4. Bounced checks must be replaced with an additional charge of $25.

5. Students are expected to show up on time. If the student is late for their appointment, that lesson time will not be extended.

6. Music purchased on your behalf should be paid for at the next lesson.

7. Students work better when parents are not in the room, so you are welcome to wait downstairs or on the patio during lessons.

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