Cherie Carl was Luke’s first voice teacher. She taught him his first audition songs that helped him book his first Broadway role, Benji in “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” at the age of 8. She also taught him the song he used this year when he auditioned for and booked his third and current Broadway role, Theo, in “Pippin” at age 11. Cherie’s teaching guidance, support and encouragement have been instrumental in Luke’s success and we are tremendously grateful to her and for her.
- Christal Mannikus, Parent

Thank you for helping me to grow, not only as a musician but as a person as well.
- Michelle Sayah, Former Student

In a very unusual way I owe what I am to you – my growth as a singer, an artist and as a person.
- Kevin Bianchi, Former Student

One moment an upset Kelsey leaves the house to go for her voice lesson and after half and hour I receive a text, “She gets it, she found the best song for my audition! OMG I love it!”  Being with you and in your home is her ‘Happy Place.’
-  Kim Seaman, Parent

I am thrilled to have vocal teacher Cherie Carl returning to Lincoln to continue her teaching/vocal coaching career! I have known Cherie for over 40 years and first met her as my first vocal teacher as a freshman in high school. Little did I know at that time what an unusual chance this was for me.  After 30 years as a music educator myself, I can see that those years with her literally changed my life. Cherie knows the human voice.  She has led the way for thousands of singers to learn how to protect their vocal instrument while bringing forth their true voice. Her interest in me as a complete person proved the potential power of the vocal teacher in a singer’s life. As a vocal teacher, musical director, and school teacher, I give my highest endorsement to Cherie’s teaching methods. Send her your students! It doesn’t get any better than this.
- Shirley Moore, Vocal Music Teacher (Pound Middle School - Lincoln, Nebraska)

I have literally seen hundreds of different voice teachers in action through the course of my life and career, but when it’s all said and done, the teacher whom I emulate above all others is Cherie Carl – my first teacher.   She unlocked a spectacular new world for me and tapped into talents that I didn’t even realize I had…. and I know she has done exactly the same thing with countless other students over the years.   She listens with rare discernment – she finds imaginative ways to connect with each and every student – she helps each student feel good about themselves and their gifts while urging them on to even greater achievements – and she has a marvelous grasp of the fundamentals that are essential for healthy singing.   Above all, she really cares.  I wish all voice teachers taught their students with this ideal combination of savvy smarts and openhearted love with which Cherie teaches.  As far as I’m concerned, she’s the gold standard.
- Gregory Berg, Assistant Professor of Music, Carthage College (4-time first-place NATS winner,  District Metropolitan Opera Auditions winner,  columnist for “The Journal of Singing”)

I have had the pleasure of being both a friend and teaching colleague of Cindi Metzger’s for many years. Having enjoyed a very successful public school music-teaching career in Iowa, Cindi most recently was co-owner, managed, and taught at the successful, and prestigious Atlantic Music Academy in Howell, New Jersey. I have had several opportunities to critique her voice and piano students, and have always found them to be well-prepared and musically and technically solid in their performances.  You will not find a more dedicated teacher anywhere!  I cannot recommend Cindi highly enough!
- Melinda Hendrickson, MME (Des Moines Public Schools)


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